Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sweden the Land of Aquavit, Not. 1/24

When in the northern European climates in the depth of winter, or the near depth, only go out at night. At night the weather seems better because you can't see how shitty it is. If you can say something about Gothenbourg, Sweden, is that the weather can really suck. 

(this fucking place seems fucking deep) (I'm getting a better picture of Bergman's feelgood larks) 

We have a screening tonight at 10. We flew in from New York yesterday and in a few hours we were standing in front of 200 people, waiting for me to say something enlightening or pithy. Tom immediately started talking, (about how we met - ooh, another romance) which gave me my favorite opening grunts; "yeah, whatever he said". It seems to work. We rattle on for a bit, then the festival host says we have to wrap it. There was one last question from a long, dark beauty - "So, what are you doing now that you are single?". This was a brilliant question and I was about to stutter my way through it when Tom punts the shot with "oh, he keeps about six women busy". Then all I could say was thank you! (shithead) (for that massive lie) 

Then we went to a big party at a night club where I had a massively lonely night.    

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