Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gothenberg Debauchery Taking it's Toll

We just had out third screening in three days and we cannot complain about attendence. Full houses every night - and a  pleasant back and forth with the audience after the film. Q and A's are fun and we try to be funny and informative (that's pretty much me because Tom lobs grenades at me to keep things moving.  

Leigh (the co-composer) is hanging with us and we pick us new friends - then we eat and drink and stay out sick late - and today we're all feeling kind of sick. Lag and party lag and now I want to throw up. Did didn't go out tonight and se said we would meet at the Rivertons Sky bar where we have free dinner passes so they see us every night. can't timagian what they Swedes think of us. We find the Swedes a bit reserved. 

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