Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sorry! I hate my own blog.

Dear Reader,

This blog hit the wall! Go to and catch the new website!

Thanks, love you!

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  1. I just watched most of your film...GOCS...I was just trying to kill time till Seinfeld came on, actually, but it was intriguing, and I got kinda sucked in. Anyhow, I wanted to tell you that if I'd had the party where you got the placecard GOCS, no offense, but she would have gotten a placecard that said Who The Hell Is This, and yours would have said Guy Who Came With Who The Hell Is This. Seriously, I had no idea who either one of you were until today, so hope that makes you feel better about being so invisible.
    Also, that Schnable guy that acted like such a jerk in your film...I don't know what you said about him on your show, but whatever it was, it was too kind. What an ass. And his so-called "art" isn't.