Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wheeeee, The People.

It's been long since I blogged now I don't know where to start. It's very difficult for me not to self promote. (confession!) I'm a cog in my own machine. (and the gas) (I'm thinking cars) 

I've been here and there but mostly glued to my seat. Maybe that is why I go monkey sometimes when I go out. (last night, way too much monkey) Now I was going to say you can tell about all you need to know about a person just by going into their home. (exceptions abound) So I'm at of all places a party on the Upper East Side (is that capitalized?) and an artist lives there. Posh. building - olde $$$ co-op. Very posh for an artist of not much renown. (for good reason) I was not a good boy. Let's just say when anyone I knew left, what was left, The People, were odious. Took me back to a previous life. (ick)

Ok that's judgement and I'm no better than the artist that decorates their home as a one-person show and the vipers that congregate there. I was there. My friends that were there (and intelligently left early) can bite with the best. (I'm throwing grenades here) 

People in glass houses? (got to go now bye!)

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